How To Apply Nail Paint Perfectly

A long and shiny nails enhance the beauty of hands. Mostly girls love long nails. The nail colors and different type of beautiful nail arts are applying by every next girl. They also spend a huge amount of money on their nails by doing treatments such as pedicure from the salons. And most of the girls don’t know how to apply nail paint perfectly and they visit and spending money just to apply nail paint on their nails from the salons. It is very easy to apply nail paint.

How To Apply Nail Paint Perfectly

The most important thing is consider that what brand of nail paint you are using, Try to purchase a good brand makeup specially nail polish. In this article I will share some important and easy tips that you should take into consideration while applying nail polish to make it looks perfectly.

Select the base coat:

The most important step to apply nail paint perfectly is to select the base coat. If you base coat before the nail polish then it will make your nail polish to stay for long with perfection. Mostly, the transparent base coat on nails look nice but you can also use white nail color to coat your base of the nails. But i recommended the transparent nail color goes well as a base coat. And the nail base coat will also protect your nails to become blackish. So don’t forget to apply transparent nail color as the base coat of the nails.

Apply The Nail Paint:

After applying base coat now select the nail color of your choice and apply it carefully on your nails. If the nail paint comes out from the edges of the nails then you can remove it from the nail polish remover. You can apply two to three coats of nail color as needed.

Wait Till It Dry:

Don’t touch anything that spoil all your nail color so, wait till your nail color become dry properly.

Apply Second Coat:

When your first coat of the nail paint become dry then applies the second coat. And wait to become it dry properly. Remember don’t ever apply immediately second coat after the one because it will look ugly. So wait to make the first coat dry then apply the second coat.

Apply Third Coat If Needed:

If you like thick and dark nail color on your nails then you can apply the third coat after making the second one dries properly. It is totally your choice that how many coat of nail polish you want to apply but always make the first coat dry then apply the other one. If you take all these small things into consideration while applying nail color then your nail polish never be spoiled and it will look beautiful and attractive. So be careful while apply nail paint to make it perfect.

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