Watch out; this Keto Stuffed Cabbage might be a new favorite in the family.
Keep reading to learn how to quickly toss together an amazing Keto Stuffed Cabbage. Plus, you definitely do not want to miss the recipe for the Yummy Keto Stuffed Cabbage. They add the perfect touch of crunch!


Ingredients & Instructions

Take These Ingredients
  • Remove cover from the cabbage and boil or steam cabbage until the leaves are tender.
  • Process garlic and onions in a food procossor.
  • Add parsley and process until combined.
  • Now add parsley mixture, tomatoes, tomatoes paste, meat, egg & cauliflower rice into a large size bowl.
  • Now mix until fully incorporated.
  • Now, remove leaves from cabbage gently and cut ‘V’ shape into each leaves and place 1/4 cup of filling in the middle.
  • Then, roll bottom ends up and roll the sides in and up like a Burrito.
  • Now, ladle tomato sauce on the bottom of a casserole dish and layer rolls into dish, side by side.
  • Ladle the reminder of the sauce on top and bake.

Now your Keto Stuffed Cabbage is ready  🤤  🤤  🤤 

Your keto Keto Stuffed Cabbage is ready! Enjoy it & if you wanna get more delicious recipes, We’ll be very glad to see you here in our private Keto Diet For ONLY WOMEN 💪 Group

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