How to Get Rid of Laugh Lines aka Nasolabial folds

Laugh lines aka Nasolabial folds are those lines which appear on the both side of your mouth, on the side of your nose. These lines appear as we age. As we get older, these lines tend to get deeper and thicker because they are a part of normal aging process.

They appear when skin loses its elasticity or collage, they also appear when you fail to hydrate or moisturize your skin. Some other reasons for Nasolabial folds are smoking, depression, a bad facial massage, wrong sleeping position and sun damage. You can reverse these face wrinkles and get rid of them easily if you change your lifestyle habit and apply some oils moisturizing serums on the face.

There are many oils to heal nasobial folds or laugh lines though I would mention those two which work magically.

Olive oil: This oil can be taken orally as well if you have dry skin condition. It has natural anti-aging properties that come from poly-phones and oleic acid. It is full of monounsaturated fats which can reduce smile lines as well as wrinkles on the face. Oil olive should be used for doing the face massage; it will keep skin moisturized and help produce fresh skin cells.

This oil is being used in many hair and skin care products, to have good results you should find organic version of it. To reduce laugh lines, simply take few drops of olive oil and then apply it over the laugh lines, do this before going to bed. Some believe that it works best on the Nasolabial fold when used with the honey, it will produce slightly peeling effect. So if you don’t want to add honey, you can use olive alone because it is easy to use oil alone.

Argan oil: Argan oil is oil which can help treat laugh lines because it is natural anti-aging oil which fight free-radical damage to the skin as well as eyes. You can use it for treating eyes wrinkles as well. Good thing about argan oil is that it is very non-greasy, it easily penetrates and absorbs into skin during day time. If your skin is happen to be acne-prone and you need an oil for moisturizing your skin during day time, you can use argan oil and make sure it is organic because there are many Moroccan versions of this oil which have additives. Use this oil once or twice in the day time, massage it onto skin, few drops are more than enough for the entire skin. Massage gently to see good results. It also improves skin elasticity by producing collagen.

Kiwi mask or scrub: Kiwi is good for health when taken orally but it also does wonder when used on the skin as a mask or face pack. If you have fresh kiwi you can make several packs for the skin and save them in the refrigerator, they can be used through the month, however, if you do not have time for this, you can buy a nice kiwi scrub from the market. Kiwi scrub can be made at home, it will slightly exfoliate the skin and help produce new skin cells thus reducing the appearance of laugh lines, smile lines and other wrinkles which you have on your face. Kiwi is rich is poly-phenols and vitamin c, you can make your exfoliating scrub at home by mixing kiwi with sugar and olive oil. You can replace the sugar with honey as well if you want gentle exfoliation.

Laugh Line Exercises: There are many facial massages and exercises which can smooth out laugh lines and help tighten the facial muscles. The most common exercise is one in which you blow in your mouth from right to left.

Here are some steps:

  • Close your mouth and apply some oil on your face.
  • Sit in a relax position and blow in air right into the right cheek. Keep this position for few seconds or count until 10.
  • Now move the air to the right cheek and keep this position for few seconds or count till 10.
  • You can also move your tongue inside the cheek while you do. this exercise to smooth out the area where laugh lines are intense or deep.

Wear Sunscreen and Drink water:
You should not go out without wearing your sunscreen because it will make your wrinkles look worse. Sun damage is really difficult to reverse, it is better to be safe than sorry. Wear a sunscreen before heading out of your home. Last but not the least keep your body hydrated by drinking a lot of water.
if you tend to forget your drink more often, you should fill a big jug of water. put it aside, in front of you, it will keep reminding you that you need to have some water. Take as much water as you can to keep your skin moisturized from inside out.

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